Biological Assessments under ESA

Novo Aquatic helps Our Clients determine how projects may impact fish and aquatic life listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) by providing biological assessments and documentation used in regulatory permitting and analysis process.


Novo Aquatic also provides Our Clients assistance in project design and development in order to minimize or prevent impacts to endangered species from project conception through all project cycles. Our ESA consultation services include project team coordination in conjunction with various ESA agencies as well as final deliverables such as biological assessment documentation, helping to insure project timeliness.


Novo Aquatic helps Our Clients avoid mistakes made early during PERMITTING  that can significantly stall a project, costing Our Clients valuable time and money. During the federal permitting process, Our Clients often find that determining the likely project impacts on aquatic species and their habitats is a long drawn out process when going it alone. Novo Aquatic instead offers Our Clients the regulatory expertise, scientific diligence and knowledge of permitting expedience necessary to produce high quality biological assessments while helping Our Clients to keep project completion on track.

Other Environmental Assessments

Fisheries Assessment
Fisheries Assessment Services for Our Clients encompass the following:
  • Fish Presence and Absence Surveys
  • Fish Use and Upper Limits Determinations
  • Fish Population Estimations
  • Fisheries Stock Assessments
  • Aquatic Habitat Damage Assessments
  • Fish Kill Studies in regards to Resource Damage or Spill Event 


Riparian Assessments
Riparian Assessments Services provide Our Clients means of assessing impact to the stream / land interface involving streambank form and integrity, streambank vegetation, and inputs to streams or lake systems. Services typically involve enhancement of aquatic resources in the riparian system, minimzing or repairing damage impacts. Our Clients may find opportunities for Riparian Tax Credits based on enhancements.



Environmental Assessments for Waste Water
Environmental Assessments for Waste Water Services provide Our Clients testing for water containing contaminents or concentrations directly influenced by anthropogenic impacts that include waste and sewage.  These services include:
  • Project Impacts to Aquatic Bio Systems and Water Quality
  • Project Design Assistance
  • Outfall Impact Analysis and Habitat Enhancement and Creation Opportunities


Aquatic Habitat Assessments

Aquatic Habitat Assessment Services provide Our Clients with the research and data collection, modeling, and analysis tools needed to describe the physical, chemical, biological and hydrological realms of a specific aquatic environment.


Fish Screening Evaluations
Fish Screening Evaluation Services provide Our Clients with safe and effective screening systems for aquatic diversity evaluation as well as for intake uses such as:
  • Design and Consulting Services for Compliance with Environmental Regulations
  • Evaluating Hydrological Conditions to Provide Effective Operations 
  • Maintain Safety for Fish and other Aquatic Organisms of Concern