Permitting Assistance

Novo Aquatic Sciences, Inc. provides assistance to Our Clients with all aspects of obtaining permits involving governmental mandates related to Aquatic Habitats. These permitting processes can be extremely complicated without educated assistance. Novo Aquatic  stays apprised of all permitting changes and regulations to expidite the process for Our Clients, avoiding frustrating hassles or delays. Novo Aquatic knows how to get the job done for Our Clients instead and keep Our Client Projects moving in the right direction.


Permitting Assistance Includes:

  • Permitting assistance for removal / fill projects involving a joint 404/401 permit application for Our Clients (permits that allow removal and fill of resources in Aquatic Habitats).
  • Permitting assistance in general for Our Client Projects involving resources in Aquatic Habitats.
  • Special permitting assistance for Our Client Projects involving State lands, or parks and recreation districts.
  • Federal permitting assistance for Our Client Projects involving compliance to NEPA and state environmental protection acts.
  • Additional permitting assistance for Our Client Projects through Our Team of Strategic Partnerships includes archeological and cultural resources assessments such as historical preservation concerns, native  American treaty rights and historic reservations, as well as assessments for Our Client Projects involving wetlands science.