Special Services

Aquatic Restoration and Rehabilitation

Novo Aquatic Sciences, Inc.  provides Our Clients freshwater habitat rehabilitation services to enhance and restore aquatic resources. Novo Aquatic can assist with design, consultation, application, and monitoring needs to improve aquatic conditions and serve the needs of Our Clients. 

Fish Distribution Surveys

Novo Aquatic can provide Our Clients with on-water and underwater surveys, involving migration and seasonal usage patterns in streams and rivers, as well as mark and recapture or tagging surveys. Novo Aquatic brings familarity with underwater survey techniques including snorkel surveys and high mountain stream surveys, as well as dive survey techniques used in larger rivers, lakes, oceans, and estuaries.


Fish Rescue and Salvage Operations

Novo Aquatic can design, conduct, and report on fish rescue and salvage operations when needed for in-water work and isolation. Typical projects for Our Clients include bridge and sewer line crossings of water bodies, where Our Clients must extract fish from the area before building can commence.


Aquatic Studies of Contaminated Sites

Novo Aquatic regularly updates required 40-Hour Certification, providing credentials that allow services to be provided to  Our Clients in potentially contaminated sites such as HazMat or Superfund sites.


Scientific Collecting Permits

Novo Aquatic  stays current with collection permits that allow Our Scientists the legal priviledge of collecting and studying endangered species for the purpose of education and preservation.


Fish Habitat Assessments

Novo Aquatic  provides Our Clients additional fish habitat assessments where required under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), such as identifying at-risk fish species, analyzing fish habitat conditions, and evaluating solutions for fish habitat rehabilitation.