Summary of Our Services

Our Company Mission: 

offer high-quality client-responsive scientific services for variety of projects involving human interface with aquatic animals and environments


Novo Aquatic Sciences, Inc. brings Our Clients experience and flexibility.   We provide a host of project-specific designed services for Our Clients including:



  • Experience from the private and public realms in fisheries and aquatic science throughout Pacific NW Region - Oregon, Washington, Alaska and California.
  • Strength of established relationships in scientific and regulatory communities.
  • Directed aquatic services and low overhead to keep costs manageable.
  • Expertise and certifications in related special services.
  • Complete project development and management.
  • Study method design and application.
  • Comprehensive data collection, reporting and presentations.
  • Expanded service areas available to meet unique project needs through team relationships with local businesses in related fields.

Our Scientific Services

  • Assessments
    • Aquatic Habitat Assessment
    • Fisheries Assessment
    • Biological Evaluations & Assessments under ESA
    • Environmental Assessment for Waste Water
    • Fish Screening Evaluation
  • Monitoring
    • Fisheries Monitoring
    • Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Monitoring
    • Water Quality Monitoring
    • Fish Monitoring of Hydraulic Dredging Operations
  • Special Services
    • Aquatic Restoration and Rehabilitation
    • Fish Distribution Surveys
    • Fish and Rescue Salvage Operations
    • HazMat Qualifications
    • Scientific Collections Permits
    • Fish Habitat Assessment
  • Special Studies
    • Fish Reconnaissance Presence/Absence Surveys
    • Fish Tissue Analysis
    • Fish Population Studies
    • Electro Fishing Techiniques
    • Specialized Snorkle Surveys
    • Underwater Photo & Video Documentation
  • Permit Assistance